An Invisible Assault On Your Health: Electro-magnetic pollution

It seems to me that many otherwise health-conscious folks aren’t as aware as they should be of the health risks posed by over-exposure to electro-magnetic fields (emf).  This is especially true with it comes to children and the possible link between emf exposure and autism, altered immune function and other conditions.  Emf come from various sources, including but not limited to the use of cell phones, baby monitors, wifi routers and cell towers, which employ frequencies in the microwave range.  And it’s about to get worse with the advent of the so-called “Smart Meter”.  (Of course industry is quick to deny any health problems associated with “Smart Meters”, just as they have denied any associated with cell phones, etc.  Do your homework!)  While occasional use of a cell phone may not be harmful, it must be remembered that radiation effects on the human body are CUMULATIVE.  So if you’re on your cell phone AND exposed to a wifi router AND baby monitor AND smart meter(s) AND live or work near a cell tower the TOTAL could make you or someone you love quite ill.  That last cell phone call could have been the “straw that broke the camel’s back”.  And because the source is invisible it would not be suspect.  If you suffer from unwanted symptoms and have “tried everything” to rid yourself of same check out the following presentation:  

More info on Smart Meters can be found here: Health-Risks-Associated-With-SmartMeters

and here:

Remember: if big business loves it and the government endorses it you might want to do a little extra homework before you allow such in, on, or in the proximity of your person.     Caveat emptor!!


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