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Store Hours: Monday through Saturday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Normally closed Sundays, but call to see if we decided to open anyway!

EMPORIUM: A store offering a wide variety of merchandise and services.

Please see our “about” page for more information.  We’re five minutes from Route 93, between Concord, NH and Laconia, NH, and not far from Lakes Winnipesaukee and Winnesquam.

WARNING: This is not your usual health food store!

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Pascalite Clay for Health

image showing clay in waterfall - pascalite clay resourcesAccording to experts, various clays can be very beneficial in:

  • Detoxification protocols.
  • Food poisoning.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Radiation exposure.

Clay may also be useful for the relief and/or treatment of other conditions including MRSA infections.

One kind of clay is recommended more than other kinds.  It’s Pascalite clay, and we carry it at Gemini Health Emporium in Tilton, NH.

(Ask us if you need it shipped to you, anywhere in the world.)

Learn more about the benefits of Pascalite clay in this article: PascaliteClayInfo

Healthy Living in New Hampshire

photo of NH river sceneFor a healthy place to live and work, New Hampshire is a perfect choice.

In 2010, New Hampshire ranked as the third healthiest state in the United States. That’s according to America’s Health Rankings.

Here’s why: According to verified statistics, New Hampshire has…

•    A low percentage of children in poverty.
•    A low violent crime rate.
•    Ready access to early prenatal care.
•    A low rate of uninsured people in our population.

New Hampshire really shines in many health areas.

For example, it’s a great state for families.  In 2010, New Hampshire had the lowest rate of teen births, and ranked  in second place for low pre-term deliveries.

However, it’s not really news that New Hampshire is one of America’s healthiest states.  We seem to rank well every year.

  • In 2009, Forbes magazine ranked New Hampshire as the fifth healthiest state to live in, after Vermont, Utah, Massachusetts, and Hawaii.  With Vermont and Hawaii having great environments, Utah’s respect for healthy lifestyle choices, and Massachusetts’ forward-looking healthcare options, that’s great company to be in!

Environmentally, New Hampshire is looking good, too. Our state has taken aggressive steps towards clean, renewable energy.  By 2025, nearly one-quarter of our state’s electricity will come from clean, renewable sources, such as wind, solar and clean biomass.   That was assured by legislation in 2007. (That information is from Environment NH.)

Are you looking for a great place to work? In late May 2011, according to MSN Careers, New Hampshire ranks as the second best place in America (after North Dakota), if you’re a job seeker.

“New Hampshire may have the third lowest unemployment rate in the country, but it ranks No. 1 in another category that’s important to most job seekers: Income. According to statistics released by the U.S. Census Bureau late last year, New Hampshire has the highest median household income in the U.S.”

MSN Careers, 24 May 2011

Of course,  health living means a balance of work and play.  Few states offer as many year ’round recreational opportunities as the great Granite State of New Hampshire.

If you want fresh air, New Hampshire consistently ranks well for outdoor recreation.  From its pristine coastline and white sand beaches, to the renowned Lakes Region and the legendary White Mountains, there’s always something great to do in New Hampshire’s great outdoors.

Whether you live in New Hampshire or you’re here for a visit, we hope you’ll stop in and say hello at Gemini Health Emporium.  You’ll find great natural foods and interesting conversations at our downtown Tilton location, not far from Concord, Laconia, and Lake Winnipesaukee.