Diabetic complications after discontinued use of the insulin pump

If you know someone who has used an insulin pump to manage their diabetes and has had difficulty regulating their blood sugar after having stopped use of the pump, here is an interesting observation which may be of assistance:

My girlfriend’s son is an insulin-dependent diabetic who gave himself injections for years.  He then was switched to the pump for about 6 years by his physician.   To avoid irritation or possible infection the pump site is frequently relocated to different areas over the abdomen.  A side-effect of this is the formation of scar tissue over the area of use.   After being hospitalized on several occasions due to pump malfunctions the son stopped the use of the pump entirely and resumed the use of injections.  The problem was that sometimes the normal injection would fail to bring about the usual lowering of blood sugar.  This was quite puzzling, because if he gave himself an injection in the arm or leg the insulin had its normal effect, whereas an injection in the abdomen soon resulted in a wildly abnormal blood sugar reading.  Then my girlfriend realized her son was injecting himself in the abdominal area that was covered with scar tissue, which hampered the insulin from being properly utilized,  because the insulin was evidently unable to pass through said tissue.   If you find yourself in this unfortunate position the obviously simple remedy would be to inject in a site not covered with scar tissue.

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